Tips for Choosing a Custom WordPress Theme
Tips for Choosing a Custom WordPress Theme

Tips for Choosing a Custom WordPress Theme

custom wordpress themeLet’s face it, the Internet is hitting that middle-aged point. No longer the hot new thing, it’s being replaced by its spunky cousin the mobile interface.

Websites have left the primordial origins of an Angelfire or a GeoCities and years of gloss and compromise have created a virtual strip-mall of similar looking pages hocking similar products.

When you want to build a website, you don’t want to be like the rest. That’s why you want a custom WordPress theme.

Combining the ease of use and universality of WordPress’s powerful system with a personal touch that helps you and your business stand out, a custom theme shows the world that you are ready to make a statement.

Why You Should Get a Custom WordPress Theme

WordPress offers a tremendous variety of free themes on their site. They also offer links to third-party marketplaces that offer tons of samples and “freemiums.” These are pared-down versions of a theme that they use to entice you to buy the full version.

When faced with so many choices, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. But why settle for someone else’s vision of your site when you can build it from the ground up to give you control?

Keep in mind the following tips when deciding what you want in your theme and how much work a theme can do for you.


The single most important element of a web page is that it’s readable. Garish clashes of color and font might seem to stand out, but if a visitor gets overwhelmed looking at your site they will never stay for the content.

You want the site to entice, but you also want people to stick with your content to see all that you have to offer.

Visibility Across Platforms

A good theme works no matter the size. An Apple style tech presentation and a sad 2-inch screen should both be enough to hook a user.

When in doubt, go small, go simple. At the end of the day, what will stick with a user is your content, not the size of your best gif collage.


Nuts and bolts aside, the website should show off who you are and what you want. Creativity is a key aspect of a custom WordPress theme. If you have a vision, see where that vision will take you.

Users come to a website hoping to be impressed, longing for a unique experience that is going to have them sharing the site and being the ‘one who saw it first’.

Don’t be afraid to let your personal style hook the user.

Plug-In Woes

Finally, keep in mind that a good theme always works. Plug-ins should operate properly and integrate seamlessly. This allows your site to offer all the power and functionality without skipping a beat.

You never know where a user might come from; compatibility between web browsers is crucial. This is one of the best reasons to get a custom WordPress theme. It lets you utilize what you want while remaining functional.

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