4 Qualities to Look for in Website Management Services
4 Qualities to Look for in Website Management Services

4 Qualities to Look for in Website Management Services

The costWebsite Management Services of a high-quality website shouldn’t break the bank. For companies with new content or products going on your server every day, you might need to consider a management tool. Website management services can help with everything from updates, minimizing downtime, and ensuring website security.

For small to mid-sized businesses, having a full-time in-house web management team isn’t always an option. Hiring a third-party service can bring you the expertise of a full-time hire at less than half the cost.

Downtime, server errors, or security breaches can be murderous to your bottom line. To ensure your clients stick around and refer people to your site, look for these 4 qualities in a website management service.

1. Look At Their Measuring Tool

First, find out how a service measures their success. Give the firm an idea of what kinds of needs you have and hurdles you’ve faced. Ask them how they can fix your issues.

Then ask how they can show you they’ve succeeded.

Any company worth its salt should be able to track your current analytics and place them side by side with a new set a few months down the road. This will show your boss and your team that the management service you’ve hired was worth the cost.

Make sure they understand your web presence or the project you’re working on so that they can define success on your terms, not their own.

2. Find Out Their Staffing Philosophy

It’s important to know that you’re going to get the best people at the company to work on your project.

See if the firm you want to hire has a list of their technical staff. Take a good look and ask to speak with the people you want to work with.

More than likely, website management firm will want to give you the option to choose staff if you request them. If they can see that your future business with them depends on having some control and knowledge over who is working with you, they will give you the option.

3. Scope Out The Reviews

You know the importance of reviews for your business, so make sure you place the same amount of importance when hiring a third-party.

You’re going to see a “greatest hits” when you look through a company portfolio. A firm’s “misses” can be just as important.

As you know, it’s common to butt heads with a client. If you can see a pattern, however, take note and be wary.

Track down the contacts listed for former clients and don’t be afraid to reach out. Happy clients love to rave about previous experiences as much as unhappy clients love to complain.

4. Check The Price Tag

Pricing can vary widely depending on what kind of work you need, how big your project, and your deadline. Do you want them to charge an hourly rate or would you prefer a longer-term contract with some option for a flat fee?

Get an understanding of what website management services mean for your company and make a list of “must-haves”.

Have all of these things in mind before you start negotiating. Get a clear idea of what your budget is versus how much the firm will charge so you don’t suffer from sticker shock later.

And always negotiate.

Website Management Services Should Offer What You Need

If you find a company who aligns with your needs, treat your conversations with them like you’re interviewing a new hire for the position. No question about their expertise should be off limits.

If you’re stuck worrying about what kinds of services you need for your WordPress site, contact us. We’re happy to help ascertain your needs and point you in the right direction!