4 Useful WordPress SEO Tips
4 Useful WordPress SEO Tips

4 Useful WordPress SEO Tips

Did you know that, in 2016, there were over 75 million websites on WordPress?

Whether you DIY or have your site managed professionally, WordPress is dominating the online website sphere. It’s more important than ever to follow best practices and stay ahead of the increasingly intense competition.

Let’s dive into the top WordPress SEO tips you need to know right now.

Download Yoast SEO

If you haven’t already downloaded Yoast, what have you been doing? Yoast is the leading powerhouse of SEO, and for a good reason.

Yoast is free and accessible to everyone. In fact, their motto is literally, SEO for everyone. It works by helping you specifically define your titles, meta descriptions, and keywords.

Best of all? It can track as you write, giving you the red, yellow, or green-light when your post is ready to be sent to the publishers!

Maximize Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytic tools in the marketplace today. It’s free, and it tracks your website traffic.

More than that, however, the tool can show you individual traffic sources, behavioral trends, and other important status updates to better understand your target audience.

Got that dreaded 404 error page? Google Analytics will let you know. Take advantage of the tool!

Use Your Links

This goes without saying: linking is one of those non-negotiable WordPress SEO tips. You absolutely need to be doing it, in every single post, to increase your credibility and expertise.

With that said, there’s both an art and a science to linking. For one, you want to link to your own posts. The magic of internal linking is a beautiful thing, and it will help enhance your own SEO efforts.

Avoid linking just for the sake of linking when it comes to external sites. Google is cracking down on any anchor texts that seem irrelevant, and inauthentic or seemingly random linking will raise a red flag.

Write Exceptionally Well

In a world that seems dominated by SEO trends and plug-ins and keyword hints, the tried and true still matters. You need to produce consistently dynamic, engaging content that keeps your audience coming back for more.

It’s not enough to have an awesome theme or social media following. In other words? It’s not enough to have “good enough.”

You want to create unique ideas and put your own spin on existing ideas. You want your content to be shareable and interesting- rather than just a long summary of personal details that don’t matter to anyone else but you.

Finally, make sure your information is informative and actionable. After all, people should be learning something when they go to your website, right?

Final Thoughts On The best WordPress SEO Tips

Whether you run a major business website or host a personal blog, your online presence is critical for boosting your reputation.

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