The Pros and Cons of Standard Hosting vs New Managed WordPress Hosting
The Pros and Cons of Standard Hosting vs New Managed WordPress Hosting

The Pros and Cons of Standard Hosting vs New Managed WordPress Hosting

When you’re looking for build your business website, WordPress is often the way to go.

WordPress enjoys a huge market share among content management systems. Almost 60% of websites built using such systems use WordPress.

It’s powerful and flexible enough to suit most businesses. But that flexibility brings a complicated backend with it. If you’re not technically minded, the sheer amount of maintenance tasks can become overwhelming.

So should you stick with standard hosting and a ‘DIY’ approach? Or should you work with a managed hosting provider to do the hard work for you?

Read on to discover which offers the fastest WordPress hosting.

What Are the Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting?

WordPress security is paramount since a hacked site could get you blacklisted by Google. Downtime can cost money if you run an e-commerce store.

With standard hosting, you’re left to fend for yourself. It’s up to you to locate your backups (if you made them) and figure out how to use them. Or it can cost a fortune to hire a specialist to get your site back on track.

With managed hosting, your hosting partner can get you back up and running with little input from you. Many will fix security issues at no extra cost as they’re included in your monthly fee.

Hopefully, you won’t need those services at all since most hosting providers will block security threats before they happen. They’ll keep your website secure by installing updates when they’re released and scanning plugins or themes to make sure they don’t introduce any malicious code.

Not all sudden spikes in site traffic come from nefarious sources. Maybe you landed a guest post on a popular site. Or someone with a huge Twitter following retweets your link.

Standard hosting packages can’t always handle the high levels of traffic and your site goes down. But managed WordPress hosting providers monitor traffic and scale your site according to your needs.

Managed hosting becomes the fastest WordPress hosting since their servers are optimized for WordPress. The speed of your website matters. On mobile, 53% of visitors abandon pages that take more than three seconds to load.

And the Downsides?

It depends on what may be a dealbreaker for you. But you should consider these points.


Managed hosting can only provide the convenience by charging more. True, you may pay less per year than you’d pay for a special callout if your site gets hacked.

Spend some time checking if the costs sit within your budget. Standard hosting may be more affordable.


You exchange control of your site’s management for peace of mind and simplicity. Most site owners are okay with that – that’s why they sign up.

Web developers can find it frustrating, especially when they don’t get full access to certain server functions. Site owners who enjoy web design might not appreciate finding they can’t install particular plugins.

Problems with Updates

Manual updates give you the chance to find problems as they occur. But automatic updates can hide problems with your site if you don’t visit it regularly.

Check your site periodically to ensure everything still works. Though if your managed hosting provider includes regular backups, getting your site back to normal is a lot easier.

Is Managed Hosting Really the Fastest WordPress Hosting?

It certainly offers a lot of benefits that you don’t always get with standard hosting. Providers run your website from servers optimized to work with WordPress, meaning faster loading times.

Their extra services often make certain plugins redundant which also speeds up your site. Add the additional security and you’re looking at the fastest WordPress hosting with a trusted provider.

If managed hosting sounds like your WordPress dream come true, click to find out more about our website management services.

Or contact us and we’ll answer any questions you may have!