How to Host a Successful Zoom Webinar Meeting: 5 Handy Tips
How to Host a Successful Zoom Webinar Meeting: 5 Handy Tips

How to Host a Successful Zoom Webinar Meeting: 5 Handy Tips

Webinars are the future of meetings. In this day and age, webinars allow us to host meetings remotely with multiple people.

However, sometimes it can be complicated when you add multiple people to the mix.

Need to host a Zoom webinar with multiple people? Here are five tips on how to simplify the process and keep things streamlined. 

1. Introduce Everyone to Each Other

Webinars can sometimes feel a little rigid and awkward.

If this is the first Zoom webinar you are hosting and not everyone knows each other, a great way to make it less uncomfortable is to familiarize everyone with each other.

This way, the awkward tension can be broken and people can feel more comfortable during the course of the meeting.

2. Audio Control

Good audio quality is crucial in a webinar.

You have to be able to clearly and concisely hear everything people are saying. Additionally, at times, you may need to mute people if there is noise going on around you or a disruption you do not want to hear. 

To mute individuals in the meeting, select the participants’ button at the center of the row of options that is at the bottom of the screen. The video camera and microphone icons next to all the names will appear, and you are able to turn off their camera or audio. 

3. Utilize Zoom’s Background Features

Is your living room a complete mess?

Well, lucky for you, Zoom offers backgrounds that can completely hide your messy living space. To do this, go to settings and then select a virtual background. You will see some default background that Zoom creates, or you can purchase or upload personalized ones for an inexpensive charge. 

4. Keep Eye Contact on the Camera and Not Yourself

Sometimes when we are on camera, we can feel awkward about ourselves. Regardless, when you are speaking, always keep your eyes on the camera. Not only will this keep you from getting distracted, but it will also look more professional. 

Additionally, you will appear more attentive to the meeting and confident in what you are saying. If you are unsure about how presentable you look, make sure that you continue to dress and present yourself professionally, even in a webinar.

Wearing a professional outfit can make you feel like you are in the office and can also make you feel less shy and reserved.

5. Eliminate Distractions and Focus on the Meetings 

When you are hosting a Zoom webinar, it can sometimes get distracting, making sure everything comes together and that it goes over smoothly. However, you can also become easily distracted if you are focussing too much on those concerns. 

Instead, keep it simple. When you begin the meeting, let it flow naturally. Additionally, keep your technology to a minimum as well. Mute your cellphone, turn off your email, do not browse social media. This way, you can stay alert in case anything needs to be adjusted. 

Create the Perfect Zoom Webinar

At this day and age, Zoom has changed the way we complete meetings. With these tips, you will be able to host a Zoom webinar with ease.

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