Why Zoom Captions Are So Important
Why Zoom Captions Are So Important

Why Zoom Captions Are So Important

Before the coronavirus pandemic began, nearly five percent of full-time workers in America worked mostly from home. Now, the number of remote workers has gone up to nearly 20-30%.

A lot of things have changed due to the pandemic. Many of us are now working from home or taking classes from home. We are using video conferencing services such as Zoom to stay connected.

Are you using Zoom for your business meetings? Have you considered adding captions to your Zoom meetings? You have the option of either Zoom closed captions or Zoom live captioning.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of Zoom captions.

Makes Your Videos More Accessible

Nearly 15% of U.S. adults report that they have some trouble hearing. Zoom captions can make meetings and videos more accessible to individuals who are deaf or who are hard-of-hearing.

Video captions can make your videos more inclusive whether they are meetings, recordings, or webinars.

Zoom Captions Can Help Keep Viewers Engaged

Zoom captions are a useful tool to increase engagement and improve user experience. For example, with so many people working from home, sometimes they may not be able to watch a recording in a quiet location.

There may be background noise from the kids, pets, or even from construction. They can try to turn up the volume on their computer or phone, but background noise may still interfere.

Captions can help keep viewers engaged and allows them to follow along.

Can Use Transcript Afterwards

With video captioning, you can also create a transcript of the video. This way, you can send the transcript to those who missed the live meeting. They can catch up by reading the transcript or having access to both the video recording and transcript.

What’s more, you can use the transcript and repurpose the content. For example, if it’s a webinar, you can use the content on the transcript and create a series of blog posts based on that topic.

Video Captions Can Benefit Everyone

Zoom closed captions or Zoom live captioning can benefit all viewers. In fact, research shows that video captions have numerous benefits including helping viewers define words, identify emotions, make a summary of main ideas, remember facts, and create inferences.

Captions are helpful to those who are watching videos in a language that is not their native language. They can help second-language learners improve their pronunciation.

Final Thoughts on Adding Captions

Adding Zoom captions can enhance your business videos and meetings. Video captions are especially important to those who are hard of hearing or deaf. What’s more, video captions can be useful and beneficial to everyone and can help increase engagement for your videos.

Whether you are recording a webinar, video series, hosting a live stream, or even a business meeting, you should consider adding captions.

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