Latest Trend Of Plugins You Must Consider In 2019
Latest Trend Of Plugins You Must Consider In 2019

Latest Trend Of Plugins You Must Consider In 2019

Latest Trend Of Plugins You Must Consider In 2019

Plugins are very important for your website. When choosing a content management system, it is important that you check the plugins that it can work with. These plugins are responsible for bringing additional features to your website. Your website is like a house and plugins can be likened to the doors, roofs, windows and floors. The more functional they are, the better your website will be. Here are some of the latest trend of plugins you must consider in 2019 when designing your website.

Mobile friendly design is becoming more popular

The idea of mobile friendly websites is already the order of the day. This is because most individuals access the internet from their mobile device rather than a computer. Even ecommerce is fast incorporating commerce. Mobile friendly pages are usually lighter and faster when loading. WordPress is now making mobile friendly themes with the right plugins.

Incorporation of AR and VR

This is still at its developmental stages though it is already paying dividends. Videos are long and consume too much data while pictures do not give adequate details. What do you do to bridge that gap? Simple! Animations. Most websites are now moving to particle animation as they are very light and do not slow down the wedding speed of your website.

Incorporation of AI as well

Who says that a website cannot be smart as well? The use of chatbots is fast becoming a necessity in most WordPress websites instead of an added advantage. You cannot always be
online but with the aid of AI, nobody will notice.

More attention to customer feedback

Before now, websites rarely gave room for “immediate” feedback. It was just a case of posting and leaving it at that. WordPress plugins are making the idea of getting immediate feedback trend. You can now create a column for comments for every post you make. You do not have to wait till when you are conducting a survey to get feedback.

Animations for videos

When I say animations, I do not mean cartoon videos. Animations in this case are very precise video clips. These clips are brief so that they do not take too much space and are long enough to send the message across. Instead of videos that will burn data and cause your website to load slowly.

Simplicity is not going anywhere

WordPress is still sticking to its simplicity idea. Its templates and plugins makes it easier for you to design your website and for web users to be able to easily navigate through it. It also
encourages the presence of white spaces so that your website does not end up looking overcrowded.

Ease of access and usage

If there is one reason why we love WordPress, then it is because of this particular feature. WordPress remains one of the easiest content management systems to work with. With its “drag and drop” feature, you get to personalize your website the way you want it. WordPress is currently your best bet for ecommerce. With featured plugins such as woocommerce mix and match, and a host of others, you cannot go wrong.