Benefits Of WordPress Plugins
Benefits Of WordPress Plugins

Benefits Of WordPress Plugins

5 Benefits Of WordPress Plugins- You Must Know

WordPress is one content creation platform that I respect for using efficient simplicity as their watch word. They make very difficult tasks look easy. With access to multiple themes with a drag and drop web designing feature, you cannot ask for more. Another aspect WordPress are really bringing in the efficient simplicity is the aspect of their plugins. Here are five of WordPress plugins you must know.

Useful for creating social media presence

Social media is one platform that is never short of traffic even during odd hours. Social media sites are only bested by search engines when it comes to traffic. This is the more reason why you need to have a social media presence. Besides having a social media presence, you also need to constantly update your social media channels with contents from your website. With the social media share plugin, you can easily do so without fuss. All you need to do is link your social media accounts to your website and click the particular social media you want to share the particular content with. You can decide to change the header or title if you want to.

Proper interaction with customers and web users

It is important to always listen to what your customers or web users have to say and respond to them. You should be willing to answer their questions. WordPress knows that you will not always be online to be answering customers or webs users whenever they ask questions and that is why it has made it easier for you via its plugins. With plugins like FAQs and catboats, you can interact with your customers even when you are not online.  It also provides you with the comment plugin to allow your web users respond to content on your website.

More effective and efficient websites

Most WordPress themes usually come with certain plugins that make your website load faster. Image optimization plugin helps to automatically optimize every image you upload on your website. This way, the images you upload on your websites will not cause your website to lag due to the presence of images in your website.

Useful for running ecommerce stores

WordPress remains one of the best platforms to build an ecommerce store. It has varieties of features to help you build your ecommerce store. These plugins will help you sort out different goods, their names, their prices and other information that can help people identify them. Besides WordPress plugins, other plugins like price based on country for woocommerce are also compatible with WordPress and can help you build your website into an ecommerce store.

Easy to use, adaptable and flexible

Even beginners who have no knowledge about coding will be able use WordPress plugins. Ease of use has always been the selling point of WordPress. Besides its own plugins, it also works with other plugins such as mix and match woocommerce. It is also very flexible and adaptable such that if well combined, it does not cause your website to lag. With basic knowledge, you can easily install, update and uninstall a WordPress plugin from your website.