Leave the hassle of HTTPS Migration to a WordPress Expert
Leave the hassle of HTTPS Migration to a WordPress Expert

Leave the hassle of HTTPS Migration to a WordPress Expert

Leave the hassle of HTTPS Migration to a WordPress Expert

HTTPS Migration Help from WordPress Expert

in protecting yourself and your visitors. Learn how a WordPress Expert can remove the hassle off adding SSL and HTTPS to your site.

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No matter how good you are at blogging, marketing, or web-design, nobody expects you to be a true WordPress expert who knows everything about one of the most difficult parameters. And, of course, we are talking about security.

Security is a whole different science. From sophisticated matters you have to take care of to little things you believe you can do on your own, keeping your website and your visitors safe is number one priority.

One of these “easy” tasks is migrating from HTTP to HTTPS. But how easy is it, really? Let’s start with the basics. First things first!

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS, which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is, basically, the secured version of the famed “HTTP.” To explain it briefly, this means that every single information exchanged between a website and a user’s browser is encrypted, safe, and confidential.

To add that “S” to your URL and avoid a man-in-the-middle when communicating with your visitors, you need a certificate. This is called SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Who Needs an HTTPS Migration?

Honestly, anyone can migrate to HTTPS but it is not essential for every website owner out there. The most common types of websites that use HTTPS include:

  • E-commerce
  • Social media
  • Websites with login forms
  • Any site that requests payments

If you take a closer look to the categories mentioned above, you will understand the main reason why they need an SSL certificate and a secured protocol. Because they all request personal–some could say sensitive–information from their visitors.

Either it is a website that collects extremely sensitive information or simpler data like phone numbers or passwords, HTTPS is highly suggested every time you ask your visitors to trust you.

SSL and WordPress

After someone gets their certificate, using it with their WordPress site is not an automatic process. Of course, there are plugins like WP Force SSL and Really Simple SSL to help you get through, but still. Human interaction is needed.

The situation gets a little bit more complicated if you run a multisite, when you have to configure your .htaccess file, or even work on your 301 redirects.

Why Should a WordPress Expert Do It?

1. It Is Not as Easy as It Sounds

Well, first of all, security is not a game every person is able to play. You need to know what you are doing and, since we are talking about some coding here (no matter how basic it might be), knowledge is highly required.

Needless to say, since it is WordPress we are talking about, a WordPress expert will be able to help with a bunch of other stuff. Like what HTTPS plugin will not slow down your website but also get the job done? Protection should not come with an unfriendly user experience.

2. Monitoring

Second, even if you can easily get online tutorials and you manage to install the certificate, there is another job you need to take care of: monitoring and maintenance. A WordPress Expert knows what kind of monitoring is needed.

And when you make a change, managing your website is always wiser than letting it work on autopilot.

3. Because We Are The Best

It’s not bragging. It’s the truth. Our team consists of experts in backing-up, security, and maintenance. To make it even better, we also provide our clients with a monthly personalized report focused on their websites’ needs.

Contact us today and let us worry about the hard, technical stuff while you are creating great content and reaching a bigger audience! The last thing you need is more to worry about.