Do’s And Don’ts of Marketing Automation
Do’s And Don’ts of Marketing Automation

Do’s And Don’ts of Marketing Automation

Do’s And Don’ts Of Marketing Automation

The idea of doing things these days is doing things efficiently. In other words, it is about saving time and resources. This is one reason why marketing automation is in high demand. The only challenge is that most people do not really understand how to go about marketing automation. Here are some dos and don’ts of marketing automation to guide you on its use.

Don’t run from marketing automation because of the size of your business

One mistake people make is believing that the size of your business determines what happens to and with it. A lot of business owners are limiting themselves all in the name of “my business is small”. Just like a good number of other things that improve business, marketing automation is not limited to the size of your business. As long as you are providing people with goods and services, you can use marketing automation. It is even good that you start using it on a small scale so that you get a grip on it as your business expands.

Don’t judge the system based on its price

This is a very common and normal thing among most individuals. It is only normal that the better the product or service, the higher its price. What we fail to understand is that the word “better” is also relative pending its use. It will be unwise to buy a car with a V8 engine when you want to use it for the purpose a V6 engine can satisfy. You will end up spending more on fuel and car maintenance. The same applies to the marketing automation you want to subscribe to. You should not just opt for a particular one because it is more expensive. Ensure that you only subscribe to the one that satisfies your marketing needs.

Do create your own content

Even with the WooCommerce Hide Price plugin and  the WooCommerce Create A Drawer plugin, you still have to work on your website manually. The same applies to the channels you intend to use marketing automation for. Do not just forward updates from your websites to your marketing channels. You can edit or add a detail or two especially when you are sharing a link. Using automation on content creation can be detrimental.

Don’t abuse the automation features

This is particular to those who use email marketing. If I had my way, I would sue those firms for bombarding me with mails. Going against any “do” or doing any “don’t” in this article is a means of abusing marketing automation.

Do fuse sales and marketing together

A tech wise firm should know well enough that marketing and sales are intertwined. It is virtually impossible for both departments to work separately as there will be more workload on both of them. The same applies to the use of marketing automation. Your sales team should have enough information which your marketing team will provide them with. As you automate your marketing, you should also give your sales team information on the leads you have as you get them.

Do review your records

Before you start bombarding nonexistent emails with mails, you should consider checking and updating your records. Truth be told, not all relationships will last forever. Besides, there is no sense in following a prospect for over six months. Always ensure that you are marketing your content before you automate it.

Don’t be scared of automating lead follow-up

I do not really need to stress this point as a lot of business operators are already doing this. You can configure the system to always market your business to a specific set of people via specific channels.