Don’t Miss Anymore Meetings! ZOOM Has You Covered
Don’t Miss Anymore Meetings! ZOOM Has You Covered

Don’t Miss Anymore Meetings! ZOOM Has You Covered



The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has forced companies all across the world to adapt by using the internet and other forms of digital technology. With widespread shutdowns and social distancing guidelines, ZOOM has grown to more than 300 million daily average participants!

You may be hesitant to use ZOOM at first, but a closer look at how it works should help you feel more at ease with making it part of your daily routine!

Easy to Use

ZOOM calls with clients are easy to use which makes it a convenient way to see each other without being in the same room. Instead of meeting face to face in-person, you can use the webcam and microphone on your computer to communicate through ZOOM.

Although some people choose to download the ZOOM application or desktop program, you don’t have to do this to use the program. Instead, you can choose to simply click the link sent to you by your meeting host.

In a matter of seconds, you will be in the Zoom chat and ready to begin your meeting.

Lots of User Options

ZOOM video calls are popular for people that want to see each other, but the video is not a requirement of using the program. Instead, you can choose to turn off your camera and/or mute your microphone. This gives you an additional layer of privacy when you aren’t actively participating in a meeting.

Besides being able to communicate over your internet connection, you can also upload files in real-time. This is especially helpful when you need to review a contract or another important document.

Available at No Cost to You

With all the benefits of ZOOM Communications, you may be concerned about the price to you as a user. The good news is that for the entry-level Zoom Meetings, they are free!

This gives you the opportunity to have unlimited one-on-one meetings. You are also able to host a group meeting of up to 100 participants for no longer than 40 minutes per session.

If you need other options, which allow for more participants and longer meeting times, there are paid plans which range in price from $149.90 to $199.90 per year!

Wrapping up: Begin Using ZOOM Today

COVID-19 has caused temporary and permanent changes to the ways businesses to operate day-to-day. While a vaccine or decline in surges of the virus may decrease the need for certain products and services, ZOOM meetings are likely here to stay.

At WordPress Web Manager, we are a group of web professionals dedicated to providing our clients with the best website development and management services. Our team makes the health and safety of clients our main priority. We use ZOOM video calls and web chat services to meet with clients from across the world.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help manage your website in the most cost-efficient way!