5 ways to make success out of your PPC campaign
5 ways to make success out of your PPC campaign

5 ways to make success out of your PPC campaign

5 ways to make success out of your PPC campaign

People always want full value for their money. You cannot blame them though; money has never been easy to come by. It is even more so when you are investing it. Talking about investment, the internet is always there to provide you with a number of means you can invest. You can invest on the internet by creating an online presence in terms of website or blog. You do not just design a website or blog and launch it. You need to promote it if you want it to gain attention. Believe me; your ecommerce store will not survive on woocommerce product bundles or woocomerce smart coupons alone. Every new website needs promotion. This can be either through marketing promotion or sales promotion or both. It is up to you to decide how you want to go about it.

There are a number of means to promote your website. However, you need to pick the right one. The good thing about digital marketing campaign is the fact that you can use more than one. In some cases (like this one), you can explore a number of campaigns using the same style and approach. This case is the case of pay per click campaign. PPC as people tend to call it can apply to a number of marketing campaigns. This is arguably one of the most effective and efficient marketing campaign strategies. I can boast of this because it helps you curb the manner in which you burn your financial resources. Unlike your average marketing strategy, this is a strategy where you pay people according to how much people they can refer. Despite its effectiveness or efficiency, it still has a number of grey areas and you may go off course while using it. During the course of this article, I will be helping you identify five ways to make success out of your pay-per-click campaign.

Ads extensions are an added advantage

This one place you may be getting it wrong. What a number of people are failing to understand is the fact that situations on the internet apply to life situations in many ways. You will follow a directive that is more explanatory than one that is too brief. This is probably why people are not click on your ad. This probably because you are not telling them enough to convince them to follow you. If your ad is one that contains three to five words then it should not surprise you that people are not clicking on your ad. Your ads should have extensions telling the right people more of what they need to know. This may include price, location, quality, brand and other features that will help them paint a more vivid mental picture. Instead of saying something like “shoes available for sale”, you can post something like “affordable female shoes available for sale”.

You campaign should incorporate mobile users

It no news that most of the web users access the internet using mobile devices. Research proves that a whopping 87.3% of web users are using the internet via mobile devices. This means that only about 13% of the entire populate access the internet via desktop computers. This 13% includes office workers that must use computer and will not use it for any other purpose besides official duties or risk issues with management. Considering this statistics, I am sure it does not surprise you that your PPC campaign is not yielding fruits because it does not incorporate mobile users. You can start by running ads with websites that are mobile friendly and ensuring that your own website is also mobile friendly.

Use the most appropriate keywords

No set of keywords are perfect. The word perfect in this case is relative. Negative keywords like tutorial, cheap, etc. may not be the best if you want maximum traffic. However, you will need them if you want just the right people. To make the most out of this, you should do your research and learn the most appropriate keywords for your ad. In certain cases, you will need the regular and most searched keyword for your ads. In other cases, you may need long tailed keywords for your ads. You can use keyword tools to help you out. These tools will point out to you the keywords that will suit your ads best.

Ensure that your landing page is in top shape

Sometimes, the problem may be from your website but not the ad. It is disappointing to follow a fantastic and end up at a poor landing page. A landing page is webpage where the conversion occurs. It should contain details about the process of conversion as well as the product and/or service. You should avoid anything besides these details. In some cases, web operators tend to consider very little of this detail. They may do this by making a less obvious call to action button. They may also not give detailed description of the whole process. In other cases, they may overdo it. You follow a link to a landing page and it is all in your face telling you to “convert, convert and convert”. Neither case is good. You should do more of description and place your conversion at strategic position. To make it better, describe the process of your conversion in your description and use buttons instead of links for conversion.

You always have a thing to learn from the competition

Nobody will remember that you copied if you did it properly and from the right source. In fact, you may end up doing it better than the person from whom you are copying. You should do your research and ascertain the keywords they are using and their results. This will help you ascertain if you can beat them at their own game or if you need a new, better or different strategy. Without information such as these, you may be operating on the wrong path.

Pay per click is actually a great marketing campaign or strategy. It however falls to other factors. They include the product or service you are marketing as well as the website. If these things are not in top shape, you may still not be getting the results you desire. You should also ensure to have a limit for your clicks. This means that you should set a certain limit to which people can use their personal link to promote your ads. Most importantly, use the appropriate tools to track and monitor the progress of your campaigns. This is your surest bet to identifying faults in your campaign strategy.