WordPress Plugin and Theme Updates Explained
WordPress Plugin and Theme Updates Explained

WordPress Plugin and Theme Updates Explained

WordPress Updates is probably one of the most requested feature by WordPress users. Unfortunately, WordPress updates can be a nightmare for any webmaster. There are hundreds of potential vulnerabilities out there and WordPress is used by millions of people. So if you’re not looking for the latest and greatest applications and functions, remember that you always need to maintain your website’s security.

WordPress has lots of different plug-ins and themes that you can download to customize it. Many WordPress hacks occur to WordPress sites which haven’t been updated! You probably just downloaded a WordPress plug-in that has not been upgraded and now it’s vulnerable to WordPress attacks. So how do you deal with automated updates? Well, firstly, you should never trust WordPress core automatically updating itself.

WordPress core works behind the scenes and is generally pretty safe. However there are some plugins out there that will actually break the core. So if you’ve downloaded a particularly malicious WordPress theme or plugin from an unknown source, then WordPress will not be able to automatically update itself. WordPress security audits will identify malicious plugin and theme installs and show them to you, but if you’ve installed dozens of these plugins manually then you could have compromised WordPress and you’ll see a notification asking you to rebuild your WordPress installation.

WordPress users have a huge choice of WordPress themes and plugins. Unfortunately, not all WordPress users take advantage of their amazing power. Some WordPress users will actually uninstall and remove their current WordPress theme and plugin, only to find that they’ve inadvertently downloaded a virus into their computer. WordPress security checks will detect any potential virus, spyware or malware, but sometimes these infections are so severe that WordPress cannot detect them. This is where automatic WordPress updates come in handy.

WordPress core is a PHP script and although there are literally millions of WordPress users worldwide, WordPress uses the WordPress engine internally. When a user edits a post on their WordPress blog, the WordPress code is updated. WordPress also checks for new versions of the plugin and themes in the WordPress repository using a series of complex PHP commands. This update process will not be affected by WordPress core updates using traditional FTP or through your email. However WordPress core updates using automatic WordPress core functionality won’t work unless you’re also manually downloading and installing new WordPress plugins.

WordPress core updates can be performed manually but it’s much more time consuming and error prone. WordPress development installations are much simpler, they are self-updating WordPress theme updates with the push of a button. WordPress development installations will automatically download WordPress theme updates every day, but they can be disabled in WordPress options.

WordPress Easy Updates Manager simplifies WordPress plugin and theme updates. WordPress Easy Updates Manager will download, install and activate any plugins or themes that are registered on WordPress websites. WordPress Easy Updates Manager doesn’t require any knowledge of WordPress source code or installation via FTP – just simply install it, select the plugins you want to update and click the “install now” button. It’s super easy!

WordPress Easy Updates Manager is simple, it’s fast, it’s effective and it’s super easy to use! WordPress Easy Updates Manager offers the same level of functionality as traditional WordPress updating methods but simplifies the entire process. WordPress Easy Updates Manager is completely safe and secure and no virus or spyware is ever going to survive its gaze. WordPress Easy Updates Manager is the easy way to stay on top of WordPress development. WordPress Easy Updates Manager is an absolute must have for WordPress users.